Community Word, Noun

Community Word! — Dresstiny: (n.)

When you find that perfect dress that’s cheap and fits you just right.


I’ve been meaning to do this for a while.

I’m opening up Words That Aren’t to all you lexinauts out there. You may have invented definitions of your own – and I’d like to give you a place to share them other than that scumtrap fool’s tavern, Urban Dictionary.

This clever, delicious word was originally shared on my twitter page (cough cough: @wordsthatarent) by @thepixiepinup.

I’m especially pleased with this, as it’s something I simply wouldn’t have thought of before… because I don’t shop for dresses.

The female point of view, ladies and gentlemen… it’s the garlic powder of perspectives… it makes everything better.

I highly suggest you send @thepixiepinup warm congratulations for her neologistical prowess.


Precarryous: (adj.)

The piled instability brought on by trying to lug everything all at once.


You could just take two trips.

But you know this already.

You could even use the exercise, if you’re being honest with yourself.

But of course you know that, too.

You spent so much money on all of those groceries. Money you worked hard to earn. You took time out of your day and braved the throng and din of a grocery store on a Saturday afternoon… all so you could get everything you need to carefully prepare a meal for your partner.

If you were to add up every stitch of time that brought you to this moment… the work, the travel, the careful and conscious preparation… you’d have to measure it in hours.

But you wanted to save yourself the time of making that second trip.

And that’s the reason you dropped your fucking eggs.


The Poetics of Pooh: On the Urge to Unsee and the Act of Imagining


So, I don’t ever really post anything here that isn’t a new word. But I wrote this thing, and Brevity published it… so I’m gonna go ahead and break my own rule.

Poohdism could count as a new word, right? Sure.

There. I’ve broken and mended my rule.

Originally posted on BREVITY's Nonfiction Blog:

A guest post from Andrew Panebianco, on the act of imagining:

433I don’t have time to get into the entirety of Pooh with you. Even if I were able to.

Because as you probably know, Pooh has his own Tao, now.

So let’s leave it here—there’s an immensity to Pooh. There’s a touch of eternity to all his bumbling; a bottomlessness to his most rumbly of tumblies.

There’s a stare into the open eye until the closed eyes open kind of Zen to Pooh.

He’s got Pooh-dist leanings, you could say.

I want to talk about everything that makes Pooh, Pooh. But I don’t even understand it all. So instead I’ll focus on a single point—my very favorite moment, from my very favorite character, from my very favorite story from the entire World of Pooh.

Which is my very favorite.


Here’s how it starts:

Christopher Robin has sent Pooh off…

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Perpetual Notion: (n.)

A state of ceaseless and gathering excitement over one’s own ideas.


For the better part of a decade, I spent my nights in the back of a New Jersey diner, frothing with excitement to talk to my friends.

Night after night we’d sit at our regular table, and one by one we’d slip into spouts of jittery, over-caffeinated babble, every sentence enjambed together by, “one sec…” hand gestures and dramatically semicolonic drags from a Camel Light.

We were fresh to college – swimming in new ideas… and desperate to show them off to one another.

We criticized movies and books, made political pronouncements, lobbed clunky new philosophies back and forth like a frisbee… and always a little more loudly whenever a pretty girl happened by.

I’m willing to bet that not a single word I spoke in those years made a jot of sense. Not one idea was original or creative or new.

But goddamn were they delightful to create, share, and behold.

Sometimes I miss being young.