Apocalapse: (n.)

When cataclysm fails to live up to prophecy.


It’s been a rough summer.

Ebola outbreaks, beheadings, ISIS invading Syrian towns and killing people, yet another US military intervention in the Middle East, Ferguson, Russia, Crimea, the continued tensions in Ukraine, the shooting down of that passenger plane… Robin Williams’ suicide.

It’s easy to look at these things and think the world is falling apart. That is, until you look back at history and remember that 100 years ago WWI was ripping Europe apart, people were dying by the tens of thousands, massive epidemics were poised to decimate, and the whole of the world was tuning up for the bloody, suicidal carnival that would become the 20th century.

So it’s not that things are getting worse. It’s that they’ve always been a fucking nightmare.



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