Throatum (n.)


A sagging, scrotoform pouch of loose skin that dangles from the chin.


I’ve had this word in my pocket for a few years now. But I’ve avoided posting it. I don’t like making negative comments about someone’s appearance. It’s not nice. It’s harmful. And it’s cheap. I’m fine assassinating someone’s character or their ideas. I believe with every ounce of blood in my heart that ignorant people should be derided for their ignorance. But looks? Eh. It’s classless.

But then I see a hateful, thin-skinned bully like Donald Trump. I watch as he lies and preens and vomits out his innumerable hatreds and blistering stupidities. And I just can’t help myself. I am not so evolved as to withstand such a flaccid target.

As much as it hurts to witness such a vile person be so cruel so often and always with a smile, I find such vulgar delight when I see the flesh hanging from his stupid fucking face like a set of neon truck nuts.

Call me cruel. Call me childish. But Donald Trump has a nutsack on his face. And that will never not be funny.

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