Purge Watch: (v.)


To plow through the remaining episodes of a show you don’t like, just to get it over with.


I’m lookin’ at you, Daredevil.


NB: I posted this word earlier today… but my suspicions were that I wasn’t the only person to come up with this phrase. I was correct. It turns out that Adam Sternbergh (good writer) over at Vulture wrote a piece last year about this very thing – he even sourced this exact term on Twitter to describe it.

I did not see that post… nor did I see the tweet from the woman who was the first to use the phrase “purge watch.”

I came up with this word on my own, but I can’t really claim to own it. In all fairness: they beat me to it.

But I’m going to post this entry anyway.

Firstly, because I genuinely like the word, and am proud of having thought of it (second).

And secondly, because I just can’t get over the fact that at least three other human beings, completely remote from one another, never having met, and certainly never to meet, all came to the exact same conclusion about the exact same show… and used the exact same term to describe it.

Isn’t that delightful?

So I’m posting this word to celebrate this near-magical concatenation of events, brought together by a love of language, and a shared appreciation for just how mind-numbingly laborious we find Daredevil to be.

Except for Jon Bernthal. He’s really wonderful this season.

Nice job, Jon.


Community Word: Podcrastinate: (v.)

Community Word, Verb

1. To put off what clearly needs doing in increments of 15-30 minute podcasts.

2. To continually postpone listening to a podcast, regardless of your interest in the subject.


A few months ago, I had the stupendously good fortune to be interviewed by Ryan Starr on his HiRes podcast. We met at my office and talked for well over an hour about writing, advertising, the creative industry… and most excitingly: words.

Ryan had a word of his own, actually – and it’s a doozy. So here it is, in all of it’s lexicographical splendor.

Check out my interview on HiRes here.

Follow Ryan and HiRes on Twitter @HiResPod, and online at his website.

Folloathe: (v.)


To maintain social media contact with someone you hate, because you enjoy hating them.


Sometimes I cast myself in wonder at just how much there is to dislike about people on the internet. I want to quit you guys… but I just can’t. Oh, how I’ve come to need your outrage. Your casual racism. Your paranoid, conservative hysteria. Your irrational leftist tantrums. Your tedious lectures on social justice. Your calls for anarchy (the worst idea in history) and revolution… your political activism, your memes about God and how blessed you feel… your passive aggressive posts about how nobody really cares.

Oh you awful, awful creeps… I drink so deep from your cup.