Quid Pro Code: (n.)


The reciprocal exchange of streaming passwords.


Look. We all do it. And they know we do it. And we know they know we do it. And they know we know they know we do it…

If this is how we’re going to spend out time, can we at least have a little fun with it? Go all Deep Throat on it?Wait on a park bench until your friend shows up in big fuckoff, Sophia Loren sunglasses and say some baffling passcode sentence? “It is a cold day for water polo.” “I’m sorry, Mr. Terwilliger couldn’t come.” Or hell, you could be even more surreptitious! Don a trenchcoat and a trilby and kick your AppleTV+ password to a friend in the gloom of an overnight parking lot! Comeon! The world is ending! Nothing means anything! Let’s be referential and have some fun with it!

I wish I lived in the 70s…

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